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Tips for Announcing a House Concert Tour

Shannon - it was so great to meet you and your husband at the DIY Conference in Chicago! This idea of doing house concerts has totally changed the game for me and I can't wait to get started! I'm planning to announce my Fall house concert tour on the West Coast this Monday and I was wondering if anyone had tips/advice on how to best put yourself out there and how to get your first few hosts for the tour. 

Here's what I plan on doing: 

- Send out a newsletter through my e-mail list
- Post on all my social platforms
- Personally call family and friends if they'd be interested (it'd be great to test it out on some familiar faces before I jump into a totally random space) 
- Design a flyer/graphic as though it were an actual tour 

Any other tips on how to get the word out would be helpful! Has anyone tried running facebook ads? Does that even seem necessary? 

Much Love,
Jessica Louise 
I think all the items in your plan are perfect! And congratulations on putting together your first house concert tour!

I would suggest that you send multiple newsletters through your email list about it -- like once a week or so while you're planning. And make sure you post regularly about it on your socials -- think of creative ways to post about it so that it doesn't sound monotonous to your audience. Definitely make personal calls to family and friends.

I would guess that Facebook ads might not be so effective for this sort of thing? The more personal connections you make with potential hosts, the more success I think you'll see for your effort.

Keep us all up to date about how it goes! And good luck!

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