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A concert at your own house?
I've been booking more house shows, I've got five of them coming up on my calendar (plus one public performance at a local theatre). One of my friends really wanted to do one but was voted down by her roommates. After we talked a bit we decided that she could partner up with my roommate and host one here at our place. The only reason I'm willing to go this route is because I know both people who are hosting.

Has any one else tried this? Any luck with it? Any ideas?
The only experience I have with this is I decided to be the opener for a house concert I was hosting for someone else. It was really awkward because no one who was there came to hear me, so I probably won't do that again. I think if someone else is the host and they bring their friends to see you specifically, it could definitely work! I've thought about creating a series where I have a local musician play and maybe I would play on a few of their songs and they play a few of mine, making it a really unique experience for everyone.
I've done a couple shows at my own house just to practice and to see how things sound in a living room, outside, etc. I'm new to performing, so just being in front of a large audience has been super helpful.

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