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A resource for people who want to host house concerts
Greetings all,

I used to host house shows on a regular basis at a beautiful old Craftsman I rented in San Diego, CA. The space was dubbed The Habitat and I hosted 2 shows a month for about 4 years. After all of that experience running a house show venue, I wrote up a guide for others who may want to also be hosts.

You can buy a copy here:

It's only $2 so the commitment is pretty low!

I hope you find it useful.


(19 Dec 2014, 12:48 PM)rarefied Wrote: Roy

I also want to jump in here to mention that I've visited Roy's studio, Rarefied Recording, which is in the North Park district of San Diego. It's a lovely little space, with a professionally designed room and a focus on quality analog gear, and the rates are very reasonable. Highly recommended.
jamie hill
shannon's husband & partner in crime
co-inventor of the house concert model & co-author of the book
which is why i reply so often on here
i produce, mix, & master records
you can hear my work at
Tacoma, WA, USA

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