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Finally I got around to upload a profile picture. I'm a 30-something singer and harp player based in southern Germany. I started late with this whole music-thing (4 years ago) but have never looked back since then Smile 
To further introduce myself here are two links to my music:

This one is one together with my band mates from "Sumerluft", we are playing folk music with two harps, two voices and pan flutes. For larger gigs we get supported by a Bodhran-Percussionist and a base player, but for house concerts it is just the three of us. Here we are performing a German traditional song (we sometimes play in medieval garb, but no exclusively)

And this one is a solo by me, a harp and voice cover of "Hurt" by Johnny Cash:

Enjoy Smile 
This is great, Katja! The folk ensemble is super cool; very different from an American folk ensemble, on account of our much younger country to be sure. Smile 
jamie hill
shannon's husband & partner in crime
co-inventor of the house concert model & co-author of the book
which is why i reply so often on here
i produce, mix, & master records
you can hear my work at
Tacoma, WA, USA

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