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Jiffy Lube
This sub-forum has been slow to start! I'll throw in an easy one to kick things off.

I don't want to sound like your dad, but keeping your car properly lubricated is an absolute must. Especially when you're on tour - you need your car to stay in the best possible shape. You're relying on it for your income. And there's literally no easier way to help the health of your car than keeping the oil fresh.

Here's what's great about Jiffy Lube in a single simple phrase: free top-offs between visits. This can be a huge money-saver, especially if you have an older car that burns a little oil. Once you've gotten an oil change at a Jiffy Lube, you can stop in at any other Jiffy Lube location anywhere in the country, any time before you reach the mileage on your little "next oil change" windshield sticker, and they'll top off your fluids and check your tire pressure - for free! 

You can do top-offs as many times as you like between major visits - there's no limit. When Shannon and I are on tour, we stop in at least once a week - more if we've had long drives. If we're half a quart down, they'll fill it back up. If we've been driving in muck and using the wipers a lot, they'll top off the wiper fluid. It's all free. We use the expensive high-mileage oil on account of our older car - we probably get $30 of free oil a month out of this when we're traveling. It's a great deal.

(On a side note, you should learn how to replace your own air filters. It's super easy and only takes a screwdriver for most cars. You can YouTube how to do it. There are typically two air filters - one for the engine and one for the passenger compartment. The people at Jiffy Lube will tell you when they need changing - you can decline to have them do it, and instead drive down the street to an Auto Zone or O'Reilly's or whatever and get the filters and put them in yourself. It takes about 5 minutes and will save you $20 or so.)

I recommend Jiffy Lube, simply because they're the biggest oil change chain in the country, so the odds that one will be near where you are are the greatest. I'm sure there are other good lube chains though - please reply below if you have related recommendations!
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After reading this post last year I decided to give Jiffy Lube a try. Unfortunately, it was not a good experience. To use 1970's terminology, it was Upsell City. They tried to tell me that I needed lots of extra services. They psychologically make you question your vehicle's safety. Other chains do this too. I tried a series of other chains for basic oil changes and all tried to upsell me different services or tell me that different things were wrong with my car (and never the same as what the previous chain told me). I'm glad Jiffy Lube works for you, but I won't be going there anymore (nor Sears, Monroe, or National Tire).

I asked my knowledgeable-about-cars mechanically-inclined neighbor for a recommendation on a bargain oil change. Believe it or not, he sent me to Wal-Mart. Sure enough, they did a basic oil change with no hassle. For the real car problems I've recently found a local, independent mechanic who's earned my trust.

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