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Only Asian?
Hello everyone! My name is Lem David from the Philippines!! I am a singer songwriter and busker. I like reading articles during my working hours with my day job and I bumped into this house concert concept, and as an artist for me this is home I love it!. 
I only had one house concert and it was done in my mother in laws house we invited friends and the turn was good, that was a year and half ago.
One reason I'm really excited about house concert is that here in the Philippines no one has really done it and I will be the first artist to make noise about house concert. And like you guys struggle is real when it comes to looking for hosts and explaining how it works. 
Right now I figured this is the best time to start again since it's the beginning of 2020 and I'm really pumped since my confidence has increase with my busking sessions.

I would love to hear your suggestions with how to have an effective wordings with my invites though Jamie has been giving me great tips already, so words of encouragement maybe?.  Big Grin wish me luck guys! Thank you!

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Twitter: lemdavidstory

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