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Hi all, my name is Pete and I'm new to the forum. Ok, I am going to put myself out there. I played professional football. That means I am a sweat hog. Italian, hot blooded, sweat hog. I am really looking forward to seeing if I can be successful as a house concert artist, but as I sing and play my acoustic guitar, the more sincere I am the more I sweat. Not pretty in airport terminals. Ahhhh. So, I am dreading doing house concerts during the summer. I could bring my own fan I guess, but up close and personal there's no hiding it when it starts dripping off my brows and nose. My friend Barry McGuire who used to sing with the New Christie Minstrels back in the day (He had a hit with Eve of Destruction) was a sweat hog to. those who sang with him would be wet on either shoulder, depending on which touched him during a show. But the cameras didn't catch it, and concerts were far enough removed that it wasn't a big deal. So there it is. Any suggestions? Oh, and I live in Fresno California, where it gets well above 110 at times.

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