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Hi all, my name is Pete and I'm new to the forum. Ok, I am going to put myself out there. I played professional football. That means I am a sweat hog. Italian, hot blooded, sweat hog. I am really looking forward to seeing if I can be successful as a house concert artist, but as I sing and play my acoustic guitar, the more sincere I am the more I sweat. Not pretty in airport terminals. Ahhhh. So, I am dreading doing house concerts during the summer. I could bring my own fan I guess, but up close and personal there's no hiding it when it starts dripping off my brows and nose. My friend Barry McGuire who used to sing with the New Christie Minstrels back in the day (He had a hit with Eve of Destruction) was a sweat hog to. those who sang with him would be wet on either shoulder, depending on which touched him during a show. But the cameras didn't catch it, and concerts were far enough removed that it wasn't a big deal. So there it is. Any suggestions? Oh, and I live in Fresno California, where it gets well above 110 at times.
Hi Peter, the high metabolism hot blooded struggle is real, so I know what you’re going through since I sweat a ton when performing. Here’s a few things to try:
- Take a COOL shower before performing to clear any pore clogging oils keeping your skin insulated
- Wear BABY POWDER where the sun don’t shine... everywhere.
- Drink a gallon of WATER daily so you’re hydrated
- Wear stylish SHORTS & cool socks to breathe.
- Hangout in the SAUNA and JACUZZI to strengthen your heat sensitivity threshold so high heat won’t bother you as much, also this is a relaxing detox
- Turn on a quiet FAN(s) on stage near the “footlights” during your talking moments to stay cool, there are TOWER FANS that can be placed stage right and stage left too
- INCORPORATE it / make light of how: being around someone you like makes you nervous, hot & sweaty. The more sweat they see, the more it affirms you like performing for them
- Bring TWO SHIRTS, a dry off TOWEL and ESSENTIAL OIL spray (sprouts has blue cobalt bottles and many oils that help a bro stay fresh) - directly after you perform, while the Host is presenting the Donation Invite, jet to the nearest bathroom, change shirts, dry off, spritz some oils, throw on the new shirt and you’re good to go self conscious and free

Let me know how it goes!

LeRoy Mobley
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(18 Feb 2019, 02:27 PM)LeRoyMobley Wrote: Hi Peter, the high metabolism hot blooded struggle is real, so I know what you’re going through since I sweat a ton when performing. Here’s a few things to try:

LeRoy, this is awesome! Thanks so much. I bet this is going to be invaluable to a bunch of people.

I actually realized, in reading your ideas, that I have one thing to add. I toured for a moment with some older hip hop guys. They moved around the stage a lot, and would get winded and sweaty pretty quickly. So they needed a large supply of hand towels on stage. And I learned something very important: THE TOWELS HAVE TO BE LAUNDERED BEFORE BEING PUT OUT ON STAGE. Because brand new towels, fresh out the package, will leave towel fuzz ALL OVER YOUR SWEATY FACE.

The second thing that I learned about stage towels, much later, when Shannon and I were well into our outdoor summertime house concert thing, is that black towels work best in a house concert situation. They're way less ugly when they're sitting on stage where everyone can see them, and they show no trace of whatever you may have just wiped off your face and onto the towel – foundation, dirty sweat marks, whatever. 

The third thing I learned is that stage towels have to be 100% cotton. Blends don't absorb as much as they smear.

So there's another little tip. Make sure you have a couple of pre-laundered black cotton hand towels sitting somewhere on stage, for discreet sweat management. Smile
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