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Show-specific music
Hello all,

Do any of you do music that is just for that one concert you’re playing?

I’m thinking about the kind of programme I want to develop. Within my programme I’ll probably play mostly music on the classical guitar that I’ve written, maybe some by other composers, but I think it would also be really cool to include a special section somewhere in the middle of the set where I play something unique just for that show. 

Since composing something for every single show will most likely be too much, it would probably be an improvisation of some kind that would perfectly suit the venue, mood, people there, etc. I haven’t figured out how to do this yet and it’ll take some practice.

Some ideas I’ve come up with are improvisations based on:
- the atmosphere of the place and the inspiration that produces (ideal, but perhaps difficult and not necessarily reliable)
- musical material from a piece I have already played that went down particularly well 
- a piece/song that someone talked to me about 
- someone’s suggestion
- objects around the room - this idea comes from something that skilled rappers do, except obviously with words, rhyming about whatever they see around them. In my case I think I would mention which object or objects the improvisation will be based on and how. 
- a poem someone recites while I play 
- a combination of all of the above.
The basic aim of this, while demonstrating a great degree of musicality to wow people (er, if I can pull it off of course...), is to really create a unique and intimate moment within what is already a very intimate musical experience.

Does anyone here do anything like that? Any other ideas or suggestions?

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