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TV helicon singthing


My name is Nachman,  I am new here. I first heard about Shannon through Dave Kusek, and a few weeks  ago purchased the book. It is fantastic, I wish I had had it when I started 30+ years ago ?.
Here is my question: the Tc helicon singthing packs similar features to the Mackie you are using. I am debating between the two, but am not sure about the singthing's quality . .. there are very few reviews for it (compared to the many really good ones for the Mackie ) . it may just be a glorified toy... the reason I am asking is because where I live, the singthing is available,  but not the mackie... would love to hear your thoughts... thank you!
Hey Nachman! Yeah, that's weird, huh? I just went looking for reviews for this and couldn't really find any either. Which I feel is a sign. If a piece of gear is awesome, the internet will generally have a record of that fact.

My suggestion would be to get hands-on with it, if you can. And do so in a place where you can turn t up really loud. In my broader experience with TC Helicon voice processors, they can be feedback machines when pushed in a live setting. So maybe at least try to figure that out.

And if you don't like it, buy the Mackie online! You could get it at Sweetwater if you're in the USA, and you should be able to get it on Amazon pretty much anywhere in the world. ?
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Hi Jamie,

Sorry, I only saw your response now! Thank you so much for your thoughts! And retroactively,  happy new year  to you guys!

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