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TV helicon singthing


My name is Nachman,  I am new here. I first heard about Shannon through Dave Kusek, and a few weeks  ago purchased the book. It is fantastic, I wish I had had it when I started 30+ years ago ?.
Here is my question: the Tc helicon singthing packs similar features to the Mackie you are using. I am debating between the two, but am not sure about the singthing's quality . .. there are very few reviews for it (compared to the many really good ones for the Mackie ) . it may just be a glorified toy... the reason I am asking is because where I live, the singthing is available,  but not the mackie... would love to hear your thoughts... thank you!

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TV helicon singthing - by Nachman - 28 Oct 2019, 11:39 PM
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