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Tolls and Fast Passes, etc. ?
Hi Everyone,
My name is Kyra, and I just finished my 4th house concert tour! Thanks so much Shannon for your book. It really inspired me down this path, and I am really grateful to you. I am hoping to glean more insight from the hive mind here. I want to make my next tour more successful financially, and get some thoughts on some practical issues. 
This last trip I drove almost 10,000 miles from Berkeley, CA to Portland, ME and back through the south. I am wondering how you guys deal with all the tolls!? 
It seems going through the Midwest up to the Northeast there are so many zones with so many different passes that save money, and allow you to just keep truckin. Do you guys have a strategy on this? Philadelphia alone kicked my butt! The passes seem to save a lot, but I am imagining having a glove compartment full of passes that spill out like unpaid parking tickets. Any thoughts on this? 
Happy to be in here, and get to know the community.
All the best,

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