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what do you call yours?
Hi folks,

I wanted to say thank you for this amazing resource. Yes, I got here via the book too! I have been reading all your posts and working on my own Home Concert Guide and will hopefully booking some shows on this side of the pond in 2017.

I wam considering what to call my concerts call my tour; House Concert, Lounge concert etc. and hoped the members here might share what they call theirs.


Welcome, Nick! I'm so glad you're here, and hopefully you'll get some good ideas from some of our other members. I guess you've probably figured out that we've called our annual tour a "house concert tour." Wink Let us know if you come up with something creative!
Good thread. I'll tell you something we absolutely *never* call our house concerts: "house parties."
jamie hill
producer / mixer / mastering
Tacoma, WA, USA
I've been calling mine "Living Room Concerts."  My style of music (solo piano) can be very soft and tender at times, so I prefer to keep my concerts indoors where I can ensure a silent environment.  I feel the name "Living Room Concert" paints an exact picture in peoples' minds about the setting and vibe of the show.

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