A change of seasons 🍁

Hello from Saturday night β€” the day before you’ll see this in your inbox β€” where I’m sitting on my sofa, there’s a candle lit on the coffee table, and I’m wrapped up in my favorite winter sweater, because … the season. has. changed. And I … am welcoming it, and relishing it, and praising it.

I’m not speaking entirely about the weather β€” although I do love this PNW rain, and you all know how I feel about Petrichor β€” I’m also speaking of the page it feels we have turned as a collective group of humans occupying a particular mass of land here in the northern hemisphere of planet earth.

We’ve been through A LOT together these last months and years. And if your heart β€” like mine β€” has been yearning for a turn toward compassion, justice, and caring for one another β€” and for leaders who have those goals in their sights as well β€” then perhaps you are embracing this change of season, too.

Feeling the weight of your shoulders drop a little, maybe.
Long breaths expanding a little deeper into your body, perhaps.
I hope that’s the case.

Notice that I didn’t refer to a story ending, or a book cover closing, but to a page turning. Our journey toward making a world built on compassion and justice is nowhere near over; there is still a lot of work for us to do.

But what I’m hoping this page-turning brings us is an opportunity toΒ start thinking about the things we want to createΒ β€” as individuals, and as a collective whole β€” which will fill the next pages of our story.

So tonight β€” with this candle lit, and with the rain dotting my window, and with what feels likeΒ a little more space in my heart for dreamingΒ than I’ve experienced in a while β€” tonight seems like a great time to start imagining what we’ll do next. 🌈

And that … is all for today. My candle is burning pretty low now; and it might be soon time to tuck in for some rest. And dreaming. 

Love and petrichor β€” shannon