Available Dates For Your Virtual House Concert


We’re updating this page with new bookings all the time, so be sure to double-check this list right before you send us your choices!


Thursday, October 1st –
Friday, October 2nd –
Saturday, October 3rd – Sacramento, CA – Kristy
Sunday, October 4th –

Monday, October 5th –
Tuesday, October 6th –
Wednesday, October 7th –
Thursday, October 8th –
Friday, October 9th –
Saturday, October 10thMisfit Stars private concert!
Sunday, October 11th –

Monday, October 12th –
Tuesday, October 13th –
Wednesday, October 14th –
Thursday, October 15th –
Friday, October 16th –
Saturday, October 17th – Los Angeles, CA – Margaret
Sunday, October 18thFacebook Live concert!

Monday, October 19th –
Tuesday, October 20th –
Wednesday, October 21st – Fountain Hill, PA – Jodi
Thursday, October 22nd –
Friday, October 23rd –
Saturday, October 24th –
Sunday, October 25th –

Monday, October 26th –
Tuesday, October 27th –
Wednesday, October 28th –
Thursday, October 29th – available for a Halloween show … ask Shannon for details!
Friday, October 30th – available for a Halloween show … ask Shannon for details!
Saturday, October 31stCome one, come all Halloween community costume concert!