Carving canyons through rock 🌊

Hello from my kitchen table, where I am β€” gratefully β€” looking out at a big, clear, blue sky and β€” for the first time in many, many days β€”clean, breathable air. πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸŒˆπŸŒ€

I’m itching to get out there, to take a walk and a big ol’ gulp of that goodness, so I’m going to make this quick today to tell you about a new endeavor we’d love for you to join us in, and ending up with a tiny tribute to the mighty Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Here we go β˜›

Jamie and I have started a “Let’s Save Democracy!” Club on Facebook, and if that sounds like something you’d be interested in being a part of, we’d love to have you join us.

Here’s the deal: we don’t want to wake up the day after Election Day and wish we’d done more to save our democracy.

If you feel the same, then this group is for you. It’s a group for people who are either interested in, or have already committed regular time to, volunteering β€” with phone banking, text banking, and postcard-writing, in conjunction with on-the-ground organizations working to mobilize voters and vote-protectors between now and Election Day 2020.

In the group, we post:

  • Resources for how/where to volunteer.
  • Check-ins about volunteer shifts we’ve signed up for or completed, fostering accountability to one another in our commitments.
  • Experiences we’ve had during our volunteer shifts.
  • Celebrations of the victories we’ve experienced in our volunteer work.
  • Encouragements for others in their work.

If you’d like to request an invitation to the group, you can email me hereWe don’t get to keep our democracy unless we work for it. We have 45 days. Let’s do this.

In conclusion, here’s a pic of me phone banking. This is what I was doing yesterday, the very moment a friend texted me to give me the devastating news of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing.

There is, frankly, nothing else I would rather have been doing at that moment, because it gave me an opportunity to immediately transform my grief into action, showing up to work for the future I want, the future we need.

I think that’s what RBG would have done. That’s the spirit she modeled throughout her entire courageous, persistent, exemplary life.

That legacy will live on in the work that we all continue to do.
In the way we deny the obstacles in our path the opportunity to keep us from where we are going.
Like Water.

Love and carving canyons through rock β€” shannon