Both at the Same Time (2018)

space between front cover 1000pxThe Space Between (2017)

Creationism COVER artCreationism (2016)

Connections cover 1500pxConnections (2015)

METAFORMA cover 1500pxMetaforma (2014)

Cinemascope cover 1500pxCinemascope (2013)

SHANNON CURTIS Personal Songs Volume 2 cd jacket J100 QT91430171Personal Songs Vol. 2 (2016)

Personal Songs Volume 1 cover 1500pxPersonal Songs Vol. 1 (2014)

WAYBACK cover 1500pxWayback (2006-2009)

Songs 1-16 on Wayback are from the EPs Boomerangs & Seesaws, Paris Can’t Have You, and Why Don’t You Stay?; the lyrics for those songs are below. The lyrics for the four bonus 2006 demos are here:

  1. Everyone I’ve Ever Loved
  2. Low and High
  3. Everything
  4. Again and Again

WDYS cover 1500pxWhy Don’t You Stay?
(EP 2009)

PCHY cover 1500pxParis Can’t Have You
(EP 2008)

BNS cover 1500pxBoomerangs & Seesaws
(EP 2007)