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Metaforma — super secret promo page
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Metaforma is the second full-length album from LA-based dreampop artist Shannon Curtis.
Metaforma will be released worldwide by Saint Cloud Records on June 17, 2014.

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The sound of the album is downtempo dreampop.

Music streams and downloads

Click here to download “Continental Divide” (MP3)
Click here to download “Ascension” (MP3)

“Continental Divide” and “Ascension” may be made available for download.



Photos & artwork

SHANNON CURTIS 003 frame RGB 72dpi - photo credit Steve Babuljak
promo photo 1
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shannon-studio-meta-326 - photo credit Steve Babuljak
promo photo 2
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Metaforma cover
Metaforma cover art
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Photo credit for all photos: Steve Babuljak

For 300dpi CMYK print versions of the above photos, click here. For a 300dpi CMYK print version of the Metaforma artwork, click here.

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