Since my last update … wow have things changed. I know many of you have been privately asking us, so I want you to know that Jamie I have been brainstorming how to weather this time, from our precarious perch as a married pair of working artists. We’ll let people know about it in the […]

Hello from my living room couch, in front of a lightly rain-spattered picture window, on a late winter afternoon, taking a little break from songwriting to say … hi! Things are good here. We’ve been creating, mentoring, podcasting, launching new endeavors, looking ahead, and watching things bloom. Juicy details & photos for each of those items below! Creating. Ahhhhh, […]

Hello from my cozy living room, where I’m all buttoned up from the Tacoma winter rain and wind outside; and where I feel my brain firing away with imagination and ideas, and my heart beating an urgent beat with all the still, small thoughts that will very soon become new songs for a new season. I’m. Ready. But first: There […]