Our new album is out … today ⚡️

Hello from my kitchen table! It’s just before midnight, the night before this post will arrive online. Earlier tonight, we did the first show of our 2020 Virtual Summer House Concert Tour. (It went great, and was so much fun.)

I’m sitting here, eating a bowl of mac n’ cheese, and smiling ear to ear with joy for this day that we finally get to share with you what we’ve been working so hard on for the last many months …

And Her Whisper Becomes a Storm
is out now!

Here’s where to STREAM it:
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Get a CD or digital album at shannoncurtis.net/store.
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It’s an album about doing the Next Right Thing

When I started writing this album back in January, I had no idea the kinds of world-changing events that would be headed our way in the months since. I mean … who could have?

But what I did know at that time was that I felt compelled to write a record about what doing the Next Right Thing looks and feels like for me.

It’s a concept that has been a constant tool for me over the last many years, and one that helps me every day to center myself on my purpose, on my values, and on what I know to be true. Once I get still, and listen for those things, I feel empowered to choose my next step with the confidence that I’m headed in the right direction.

I had no idea in January how much I’d be pulling that tool out of my tool chest in the year 2020. (And we’re only in June!) I’m extraordinarily grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to sit in the space of these ideas, these songs, for the last few months — because they have helped me to navigate this extraordinary time with as much clarity, contentment, and courage as I could ask for.

And now … this album is yours.

I hope — as I hope for all of the work that I do — that it will bring you opportunities for deeper connection with yourself, stronger connection with others on the path, and ultimately a more meaningful connection with the world.

If you feel like dropping me a line to share your experience of the album with me, I would love to hear from you.

And in the meantime … from my heart to your heart … enjoy. ❤️