12 Weeks of Personal Song Spotlights! 🔦

Hello from a super rainy beginning of autumn here in the PNW. (Loving it!)

When I last wrote to you, I told you about my end-of-summer journey through emotional molasses, and how I rediscovered the tools I have for getting myself out of that kind of sticky situation — identifying a feeling, following it toward the need it represents, discerning what’s in my power to change and what isn’t, letting go of the stuff I can’t control, and grabbing hold of my agency to address the stuff I can — and I’m very glad to report that … it worked! 💪🏻

As I sit here writing to you tonight, I’m feeling a lot better. It turns out that once I determined that I could create some of the definition and structure in my life that I was needing — even if they were sketched out and loosely-held plans — it gave me something of an emotional adjustment, and things are feeling more aligned inside my mind and body. And for today, I’m grateful for that. 

Thank you to all of you who wrote to me to share how you’ve experienced similar things, and how you’ve found the tools I wrote about to be useful in your lives. I’m also so grateful to be in this with all of you, too. 💞

So! With that personal update complete, I have some other yummy stuff for you today! Here goes: 

Introducing …12 Weeks of Personal Song Spotlights! 🔦
Every week this fall — through December 15th — we’re sharing a Personal Song that I’ve written and recorded for someone, along with a little of the song’s backstory, and reactions people had when they heard their songs for the first time. (Tears! Smiles! Swoons!)

We’ll post each week’s song and story on our new Spotlight page at shannoncurtis.net/spotlight. The first one is up now!

If you’d like me to write a Personal Song for someone you love, I’d love to do it. For information about project options and pricing, please email me at skc@shannoncurtis.net.

We have 10 spots available for Personal Song projects this fall, through December 15th … so send me a message today to get your spot and get started on your song!

And stay tuned for 11 more Spotlights, coming every week through December 15th!