A Valentine that lasts forever.

Hello from my cozy living room, where I’m all buttoned up from the Tacoma winter rain and wind outside; and where I feel my brain firing away with imagination and ideas, and my heart beating an urgent beat with all the still, small thoughts that will very soon become new songs for a new season. I’m. Ready.

But first:

There is one week left before Valentine’s Day this year … and if you are looking for a truly meaningful and everlasting gift for someone you love this year, then I can help. ☛

A song …
written & recorded by me,
based on your thoughts & feelings …
will be the best Valentine they’ll ever receive.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

I’ll interview you to learn all about your love story,
I’ll use the thoughts and feelings you share with me
to write an original song,
we’ll record it here in our studio,
and you’ll give your loved one the most special Valentine ever.

Time is short … but there is still time. Message me today at skc@shannoncurtis.net, and I’ll send you details about how a Personal Song works & what it costs.

This gift doesn’t fade, wilt, or tarnish.
This gift doesn’t run out, get old, or become forgotten.
This gift — a song from your heart — lasts forever. ❤️

Let’s do something amazing for someone you love.