And that’s a wrap!

Hey, everybody!

Well, my magical week of recording in Nashville has come to a close. So sad! But also so great — because I have a bunch of new recordings that you’re going to flip for. I’ll tell you what’s next for those little gems in just a sec.

Our last day was a day of wrapping things up. Charlie continued editing and adding little tasty bits of keys and synth here n’ there. And I had to re-record some of the vocal for Boomerangs because we had some unwanted distortion on the original track. We did some harmonies for Boomerangs as well. And then we went over each song just to make sure it sounded good overall and put them all to bed!

The next thing that happens — after I go to New York today and play a show there Sunday night and hang out with my honey for a few days 😉 — is that I’ll bring the songs back to LA where they’re going to be mixed by my friend and amazing mix engineer Joe Zook. It’ll be a little while before the songs will be ready for listening, so hang in there!

I plan to get some pictures up this week of the studio, so stay in touch for that.

And if you’re in New York, I hope to see you Sunday night! Free show!!! 🙂

Thanks, everybody, for keeping in touch with me this week. It’s been a really great experience that wouldn’t have been possible without your support to get me here. I am so grateful for you. And I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Charlie and all the other awesomely talented and fun individuals I’ve met here. Thank you for your encouragement of what I do. I am a lucky, lucky girl.