Announcing … the 2020101 album project!

I’m taking a big gulp of air before typing what I’m about to type … because once I send this out into the ether and across the internet to whatever screen you’re reading it on, then we will have no choice but to be fully committed, in a no-looking-back kind of way, to doing the thing that I’m about to tell you we’re gonna do.

Whew! … Here goes:

Today we are are pleased
(also excited / terrified) to announce …

2020101: An album about us, and for us, to remember and honor and learn from the extraordinary year that was 2020.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been collecting and organizing dozens and dozens of stories — shared with me by people in our community, from all over the world, and from every walk of life — about their experiences in 2020.

From that goldmine of riches, I have pulled eleven common themes, and I’m going to write a song about each one — with the ideas and lyrics coming directly from your stories. 

And starting next Tuesday …
— just 7 days from now! —
we will begin releasing those songs,
one by one,
every ten days,
for one hundred and one days,

until the album is complete, on May 27th.

Oh, and I should also mention … 
… I haven’t written a single note of the album yet. Meaning that, every ten days, I am going to write, and Jamie and I are going to record and produce and release, a brand new song that doesn’t exist yet.

And at the end of this,
we’re going to have made our new album,
in real time, in public,
with you alongside us every step of the way. 

So this is going to be a wild ride. We’re excited to dive into it. And we’re eager to put to music the stories that you have shared with us — to make an artistic, historical record of our collective experiences from this extraordinary time.

Thank you, so much, for being on this journey with us.

Thank you to our Misfit Stars Community for supporting the work we do in an ongoing kind of way — your support is making this project possible.

Thank you to all of you who have shared yourselves and your stories with us.

We’ll be talking with you a lot over the next 101 days. See you soon. ❤️