Give the best gift ever this holiday season!

The holidays are upon us!

If you’re a gift-giving person, perhaps you’re starting to think about gifts you may want to give to your loved ones this year. 

When I think back on the best gifts I’ve received over the years, they’re never the ones that you could call “stuff.” No, the best gifts have always been the ones that came from the heart of the person giving it.

The ones that meant something.
The ones that would last forever because of how they made me feel loved.

What if I told you I could help you give the best gift ever?

I totally can. For years now, I’ve been writing Personal Songs for all kinds of people. Most of the time they’re created as gifts that people give to those who are dearest to them.

For spouses.
For partners.
For daughters and sons.
For parents.
For grandparents.
For best friends.
As birthday gifts.
As marriage proposals.
As anniversary gifts.
As … holiday gifts.

If you’d like information about having a personal song written for someone you love … message me today.

You can email me at, and I’ll send you information about pricing, how the process works, and how to reserve your spot on our schedule for your Personal Song project this holiday season.

This is gonna be awesome. I can’t wait to talk with you about your song.

Love and things that last — shannon