Help bring “The Space Between” to the world!

I’m so happy to introduce to you today … our new album. Coming June 16th.

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We’re nearly finished with it; but WE NEED YOU to help us get it all the way to the finish line. So today, we’re asking you to support our “Let’s Bring ‘The Space Between’ To the World” fundraiser.

We dug DEEP these last few months, writing and creating recordings for these songs. Here’s my artist’s statement about the album:

Do you remember how your stomach fluttered when you felt your first crush?
Can you conjure how your tummy hurt when you laughed yourself silly with your friends?
Do you recall the bottomless pit that opened up in your gut when you lost a person you loved?
Can you call to mind the fiery hunger in your belly for that dream you strived for?

Love, loss, laughter, pain, fear, guilt, jealousy, embarrassment, anxiety, hunger, anger, joy, amazement, hope — every one of us who has been given the gift of breath in our lungs has had every one of these experiences, no matter what continent we were born on, how much money we make, whether we pray, nor to whom those prayers are offered.

I’ve had all of these experiences,
and so has every person on the planet who has different hair, eyes, and skin than mine.

I’ve felt all of these things,
and every person alive whose worldview looks nothing like mine has felt them, too, in colors every bit as brilliant as I have.

And yet … we find ourselves in an era where divisions between us are painted in bright red, carved into deep canyons by torrential rivers of fear, anger, and pain. Some of us are just now seeing those walls for the first time. Some of us have been living in their shadow since the day we were born. If we have so much in common, how can it be that we make aliens of our neighbors, enemies of our brothers, and “others” of people who — at their core — are just like us?

And how can we not understand that the division we’ve created is the chasm into which all humanity could fall?

However stark reality has had to become to jolt us awake,
however difficult it is to internalize truths of the existence of others we’ve never been aware of before now,
however painful it is to realize that our own comfort may have contributed to the perpetual suffering of people we’ve never met — I believe that this harsh light is the actually beginning of hope for the healing of that divide.

Writer James Baldwin said, “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

This album is an exploration of the experience of:
waking up in an unrecognizable world,
grieving the loss of an illusory version of reality,
internalizing the truth of the experience of others,
transforming personal complicity into personal responsibility,
and embracing our common humanity with the conviction that we will sink or swim together.

We will need every bit of help you can offer us to get “The Space Between” and its message out into the world. Take a look at the video here to learn more about the fun details of this special project and about how you can help.

And please visit the fundraiser page here to join our effort, and to choose for yourself one of the thank-you packages we’ve prepared for all of our supporters.

Thank you so much. We do what we do with you, and for you, and we could not do it without you.

Love — shannon & jamie