How to make friends in the middle of the night in Arizona

Well, the first 18 hours of this tour felt more like 180. But I’m here to talk about it, and all is well that ends well, right? Gather ’round. Let me tell you all about it …

It all started after a late night dinner at In N Out Burger in Kingman, Arizona — the last bastion of In N Out for the remainder of this trip. I took over the driver’s seat, and off we went into the dark, dark desert toward Flagstaff, our intended destination for the night. About 45 minutes into the drive, I noticed the battery light on the dash had come on. Within 3 minutes, the headlights dimmed, the dashboard lights faded, and the car lost all power. I was able to get to the shoulder of exit 87 while we called a AAA tow. There were absolutely no lights in the car or anywhere around us for miles and miles. I was *convinced* that every bump in the night was some crazy desert monster bringing our demise.

We waited an hour or so until our new friend James from Desert Towing showed up with his mighty truck. He loaded up the Jetta onto the bed and away we went to Flagstaff — a mere 112 miles ahead. We had fun talking to James, and I learned more about topics ranging from five-hour energy drinks to ancient alien earth invasions to the Hell’s Angels than I ever expected to learn. We all agreed that Dave Grohl is the best rock drummer of all time, and then parted ways at 3:30am at our hotel in Flagstaff.

This morning at 8am, we placed a call to Gene at local repair shop TAG Automotive to see about bringing the Jetta back to life. 4 hours and $800 dollars later, thanks to the good work at TAG, we were back in business! (Ouch!)

The upside? Well, we’re back on schedule to arrive for the first show in Denver tomorrow night. And hey, we didn’t have to pay for gas most of the distance from Kingman to Flagstaff thanks to that tow! (It’s the small things …)

Thanks for keeping up with us! I can’t wait to start doing some shows for ya. Talk to you soon!