It’s our last Giveaway Day: Free Swag Tuesday!

Hello from my sofa, aka “the office,” where I’m so very happy to announce … our world-famous …


The FINAL of three big Giveaway Days this month. WOOT!

For today only, we’re giving away all kinds of swag

Visit the store, pick out any one swag item in stock priced at $0 —
like an adorable silkscreened tote bag,
or a book of lyrics & writings,
or a coloring book,
or a sweet button pack,
or a live concert DVD,
— pay for shipping, and it’s yours for FREE.

~ Limit one item per household. Offer ends at midnight Tuesday. ~

BUT WAIT! That’s not all:

You can also enter to WIN MY ENTIRE MUSIC COLLECTION on this super awesome and also really beautiful“Both at the Same Time” USB pendant. How?

I’m so glad you asked. When you pick out your swag item, you’ll have the opportunity to name your own price. If you put $0, it’s yours — on us.

But if you choose to pay any amount greater than $0, then two things will happen:

1) We’ll donate the amount you choose to pay in its entirety to theWildfire Relief Fund — adding it to the almost $300 that we’ve raised so far this month to help support people recovering from the California wildfires; and also …

2) We will enter your name in a drawing to be one of THREE lucky people to win the “Both at the Same Time” USB pendant. This ultra-popular item from this year’s tour is really neat — it’s a USB flash drive that contains every song that I’ve recorded and released as a solo artist in the last 12 years. (Nearly 14 hours of music!)

It’s a $100 value, and if you’re one of the 3 names we draw from the hat, we’ll tuck a pendant into your swag package when we send it to you.

But you know what?
That’s not all.
We want to sweeten the deal a bit more:

If you donate $5 or more for your free swag, your package will arrive with a surprise gift from me and Jamie.

AND for each increment of $5 that you donate, we will increase your odds of winning by entering your name an additional time into the drawing for the pendant.

(For example: $1–$5 = one entry, $10 = two entries, $25 = five entries, etc!)

We are so eager — with your help — to make a contribution to the wildfire recovery effort in California.

Please join us in helping people whose lives were turned upside-down by the fires to get back up on their feet.