My New Sound?

I’ve been getting some messages from some of you over the last few weeks, wondering what’s up with my “new sound.” And you know, I guess it’s true: I have definitely been doing some experimenting!

playing the rhodes - smallerI grew up in a pretty traditional musical environment, and when I started writing songs, I gravitated to the piano, because that’s what I grew up playing. But my husband, Jamie, has a whole bunch of non-traditional instruments sitting around our house, and finally my curiosity got the better of me and I started playing around with them.

Specifically, we have original vintage Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos, and I’ve really taken to those. It seems like they inspire you to play in a different way, and so my songwriting has been changing a little bit as I’ve been doing more writing on those instruments. I think because the notes have more sustain, I’ve been able to experiment with more spacious arrangements, and I think I’m writing slower songs as well. “Brightest Light In The Room” is a good example of that, and I’ve got a bunch of new songs I’ve been writing that all seem to be following a similar slower trajectory.

rogueAnd then there’s the drum machines and synthesizers. Jamie finally convinced me that maybe we should think about expanding my sonic palette – and then we did “Brightest Light” with that in mind, and wow! I feel like it’s a huge step forward. It’s like I have more colors to paint my little scenes with. It’s really exciting.

So, yes: I guess I’m starting to expand my sound a bit. I’m excited to see where it leads … and I hope you are too!