New single: “Let’s Stay In”

Here it is: MY NEW SINGLE! Listen / watch here, before it’s officially released:

Limited edition Let’s Stay In mega-singles are now available for pre-order. The hand-numbered CDs feature "Let’s Stay In," a smokin’ b-side, and several remixes and alternate versions, as well as sing-along and a cappella versions of the song. Let's Stay In

You can choose a download or a CD, and select from some really awesome and unique bonus options, like matted art prints and a roll of undeveloped film shot by and of me while on tour all over the country.

Every order comes with an immediate download of the song, and you’ll get your full mega-single prior to its official release October 25th.

And here’s one of the best parts: One and only one of the pre-ordered CDs will contain a Golden Ticket, redeemable for a custom song written for you, by me. You remember Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, right? Well, I’m your Willy Wonka. If you get the CD with the Golden Ticket, follow the instructions on the ticket, and I will write and record a song just for you.

Click here to get started!

Happy listening.