Thank you. ❤️

Friends: we have incredible news, and a full-hearted thank you:

You did it.

Yesterday afternoon,

we reached & then soared past
the final goal

of our
Sustainability Fundraiser!

With overflowing gratitude and lifted spirits,
Jamie and I want to say,
to the 161 of you who joined us in this effort:


We could not do any of what we do without you.

What to look forward to:

Because we reached all of the goals we set out for this fundraiser, here’s some of what we’ll be up to in the coming months:

  • Finishing our new album, And Her Whisper Becomes a Storm, which will be released into the world on June 19th.
  • Beginning our monthly series of acoustic Facebook Live concerts. We’ll announce the date for the first one soon!
  • Starting research and story collection with you, our community, to serve as the source material for the forthcoming “Pandemic Album” that we’ll make later this year.
  • Identifying struggling working artists whose music Jamie will mix and master for free, helping them make new music in this time when they can’t earn their incomes gigging and touring.

And, of course, we’ll be continuing our weekly Misfit Stars podcast (new episodes every Wednesday!), and we’ll be beginning the first month of our Virtual Summer House Concert Tour in just a few weeks (check out the calendar here!).

We’ll be back in touch soon. Until then …

Lots of love and our deepest gratitude — shannon & jamie