When a song speaks your heart’s secret language ❤️

Hello from “The Big Dark.” I’ve learned that’s what they call this season here in the Pacific Northwest — when nighttime starts sometime more like late afternoon (the sun set at 4:36 yesterday!), and the sun is often shrouded by atmospheric clouds and moody drizzle.

And I love it. It’s a great time for cozying up inside, lighting a candle, making soup, and thinking deep thoughts.

Here’s a deep thought from a few centuries back:

Dang. I totally feel that.

There have been times in my life when a song I heard on a record communicated everything I felt in my heart but didn’t know how to say out loud. And … being a songwriter … there are times when the only way I can figure out how to speak all the things bursting outward from my heart … is through a song.

Know what I mean?

Maybe … there’s currently something bursting outward from your heart that you’re trying to figure out how to say out loud.

Or maybe … there’s someone in your life to whom you want to express the secret language of your heart?

If the answer is yes … I can help.

Each year as we approach the holidays, I hang out a shingle for this wonderful, special experience I’ve had the privilege of sharing with dozens and dozens of people over the last number of years, called Personal Songs.

A Personal Song is this:

a song,
written and recorded by me,
based on your thoughts & feelings,
about a person in
or a story from
your life.

A Personal Song makes a great holiday gift — I mean, it might actually be The Best Gift of All Time™️ — and that’s what a lot of people have used them for over the years.

I’ve written songs …
– for spouses to give to their partners,
– for parents to give to their kids,
– for daughters to give to their moms,
– for marriage proposals,
– for memorials,
– for anniversaries,
– for big moments,
– for “just because,”
– and for people to tell their own stories, just for themselves.

Every project is unique and incredibly rewarding, because I get to go deep with people to learn who they are and what they want to say — and then I write a song that captures the secret language of their hearts.

It’s absolutely as cool and amazing as it sounds.

Imagine cozying up this winter, lighting a candle, and sharing the secrets of your heart in the form of a song. ❤️

Today, we begin accepting requests for holiday Personal Songs.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do for someone in your life this holiday season — or for yourself! — email me for information about how the process works and how much it costs.

The last day to order your song in time for the holidays this year is Friday, December 13th.

Here’s my email address: skc@shannoncurtis.net. I look forward to hearing from you about the Personal Song project you’d like to do!

That’s all for today. It might be about time for me to get a pot of soup on the stove. Mmm.

Love and our secret language — shannon