It’s Free Tee Friday!

Hello from one of my most favorite days of the year.
What day is it, you ask?
Oh, friend. I am incredibly excited to tell you that it is …

For one day only — that’s today — we’re giving away t-shirts for free in our web store. Here’s how you get one:

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Pick out ANY t-shirt in our store & add it to your cart.
Step 3: Use coupon code FREETEE2019 at checkout to get 100% off the sale price.
Step 4: Pay for shipping.
Step 5: Eagerly await the arrival of your FREE T-SHIRT!

~ Limit ONE free tee per person.
Offer ends at midnight Friday. ~

What if I told you … that for each t-shirt we give away today, Jamie and I will also donate $5 toFeed253, to support their work helping to fill the gap for folks dealing with food insecurity in Tacoma. That would be pretty cool, right? Well … it’s true:

 ☛ YOU claim a free t-shirt;
and WE donate $5 to help support
people experiencing food insecurity. ☚

What are you waiting for? Go get your t-shirt!
(Don’t forget your coupon code: FREETEE2019.)

And before you go, one more thing: keep your eye out for2 more Giveaway Days NEXT WEEK. Eeep!