Happy Free Music Monday!

Hello from Big December Giveaway Days Headquarters, here in Tacoma, Washington, where we are very pleased to announce that today is:

For one day only — that’s today — we’re giving away music for free in our web store. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Go to shannoncurtis.net/store.
Step 2: Pick out ANY 2 albums in our store (CD or digital).
Step 3: Pay for shipping (if it’s a CD).
Step 4: Sit by your mailbox or your inbox and await the arrival of your FREE ALBUMS!

~ Limit TWO free albums per household.
Offer ends at midnight Monday. ~

Remember all the way back to Free Tee Friday last week, when Jamie and I donated $5 to Feed253 for each tee we gave away? It was a massive success — here’s how it went down:

63 free t-shirt giveaways
✖️ $5 per tee
= $315 to support Feed253’s work helping to fill the gap for folks dealing with food insecurity in Tacoma!

Well … today … we’re asking you to join us in helping ease food insecurity in our community. Here’s how:

When you pick your albums, you’ll have the opportunity to name your own price. If you want to put $0, they’re yours — on us.

 ☛ But any amount above $0 that you choose to pay,
we will donate in its entirety to Feed253,
adding it to the donation that Jamie & I made on Friday.

For example: if you name a purchase price of $20, we will donate that $20 to Feed253.

Or! If you DON’T want any free music, but you DO want to contribute to our collective support of Feed253, you can PayPal a donation in any amount to paypal.me/shannonandjamie. Thank you! 😃

Let’s make that donation GROW! Now go get your albums!

Oh! Oh! Two more real quick things:

Thing 1: Did you miss out on getting a free teeon Friday? We’d like to give you a coupon for 50% off any tee in our store. Use the discount code TEE50 at checkout; it’s good all day Monday. Hooray!

Thing 2: Keep your eye out for 1 more Giveaway Day later this week. 🙌🏻

That’s all for today. Happy Monday. 

Love and giving it away — shannon