Why Don’t You Stay? Now Available on iTunes!

Today is official CD release day, so do you know what that means? You can start downloading my brand-new EP — produced by Grammy-winner Charlie Peacock — RIGHT NOW on iTunes and AmieStreet. All the other digital retailers are also coming online as we speak, so feel free to peruse your fave digital download site for it. Whoo-hoo! Let’s go shopping!

On AmieStreet, all newly released songs start out free, increasing in price as the number of downloads goes up. And if you “recommend” a song when it’s just starting out and it goes up, up, up in price, you’ll actually gain credit on AmieStreet to purchase more music. Brilliant. So, go get your songs on the cheap and spread the love! Oh, and for one week only, you can get the title track “Why Don’t You Stay?” for free-fifty-free. 🙂

And I’ve posted Summer Tour Vlog, Episode 2!

Enjoy! xo-shannon