Ahhh, home at last

Hello from … (oh my gosh I can’t believe I’m saying this) … my. own. couch. HOORAY! We are home. We are happy to be here. And we are (almost) done with our Revolutionary Acts of Optimism Tour.

(It’s “almost” because even though the big final push of the tour is complete, we have one more Washington house concert this weekend. And then … THEN! … we’ll be done for realsies. Wish us luck!)

It’s been an incredible tour. I’ve got some thoughts about the wonderful final stretch of our journey below,
and of course some pics of our adventures.

⬆︎⬆︎ That’s me. In comfy socks. On my couch. With a book. Like it’s the end of tour, baby.

Coming home.

In the time since I last wrote to you, we finished up our shows in California, made a rainbow-filled drive to Idaho, traveled new road (for us) through eastern and central Oregon, and then crossed that erector-set bridge across the Columbia River into our home state.

Something simultaneously mysterious and familiar happened in the view out my window and in the feeling in my bones as we made that drive northward. When we left California, it was pleasantly warm, still sort of summer-like. But then, as we climbed in latitude up toward the 45th parallel and beyond, the trees began to change their clothes for autumn.

Ever so gradually, as we moved into the cooler temps and the shorter days, we could see yellows flickering and oranges burning through what had been a full green array of summer leaves.

And in my body … I felt the flicker and burn, too. My heart, lurching forward in my chest toward a place of completion. A time of rest. A season of silent underground regeneration. When the incredible bounty of energy and matter and light we’ve absorbed over these last few months will fold up into a sleeping seed of possibility. And eventually … after a while … when the time is right … it’ll become next year’s bloom.

You all have been that energy and matter and light. You have fed us and watered us and shone your light on us; and we are so, so grateful for your presence in our lives and your partnership in the work we do. Thank you.

And … just because this season of planting trees and chasing sunsets has come to and end, that does not mean that the notion of possibility has come to an end in our lives as well. No, no: it’s just going underground for a while. And I’m really looking forward to discovering what it brings us, next season. 🌱

And here is my collection of photo memories from our last stretch on the road. I’ve got more detailed stories about our adventures on my Instagram and Facebook profiles if you wanna dig a little deeper. But for now:

Alright. Time for me to enjoy this couch in my living room a little more. And then, later, my own bed. Dang, it’s good to be home. 

Love and sleeping seeds — shannon