An Amazing Trip Down the Rabbit Hole

Safety Harbor, Florida – Sunday, December 6th, 2009 – Artists Todd Ramquist and Kiaralinda have spent the last 25 years making their home feel like home. For them, that has meant collecting colorful pieces of art, found objects, and cast-off items from all over the world and gradually collaging them together into the ever-evolving Whimzey — and it’s a place unlike any I’ve ever seen.

empty gazeboWhimzey is the place into which they invited me to come and perform for 60 or so of their friends and friends-of-friends this past weekend.

I had SUCH an amazing time, and I can’t wait to get back there as soon as possible. Not just for the eye-candy atmosphere, but for the spirit of community and possibility that exists there. Check out more about what Todd and Kiaralinda are about here. And check out the collage of photos I collected from the day as well.

Lots of love — shannon

mosaicbottle treefrom back of gazebo

ps — How could I forget to tell you about my new kitty friend Butter who followed me around wherever I went and who came up on stage with me during the show twice. Aw! butter 2