Talk Like A Texan

Had a great time in Texas the last few days. Even started saying things like “howdy” and “y’all.” What can I say: I’m highly suggestable. I’d probably make a fantastic hypnosis candidate. The shows in Denton and Austin were both fun. Thanks to everyone who came and brought friends and also to those from far away who sent their peeps my way — y’all are the BEST! (See what I mean?)

One of the most awesome parts of Austin was the puppies at the home of Jeff & Jen with whom we stayed. I filmed them for your enjoyment. So, um, enjoy!

Have to get to Tucson by tomorrow night’s show, so we’re hurtling through west Texas to get a jump on that 970-mile drive. But not too fast — you know my history with Texas State Troopers. Sigh. Saw this cool holiday light display in Johnson City a little while ago. Making me really look forward to getting to California for Christmas. 🙂

Lots of love — shannon