Best tour … ever?

Hello from a hotel in Nebraska, where we’ve stopped off for the night on our epic drive from Idaho to Missouri — where we’ll be kicking off the next round of shows on the Revolutionary Acts of Optimism Tour.

The tour has been exceeding all our hopes and expectations so far  … and there’s a quote on our wall in this hotel room that’s totally reading / blowing my mind …

This is hanging on the wall at the foot of the bed in our hotel room tonight. The quote is attributed to Warren Buffet — I wonder if he’d like to host a house concert? 🌱

Summer Tour, One Month In:
Just last week, we wrapped up the west coast portion of our summer tour, and we started driving east in earnest. We had an absolutely WONDERFUL time in Northern California, Washington, and Oregon.

I’ve been making a daily post about each concert and writing a little about my favorite parts of each experience, which have been so wide-ranging and fun:
— from the gorgeous backdrops created by a few of our hosts,
— to the benefit concert we got to do less than a block from our own house,
— to the thunderous deluge that soaked all our gear just before a show in Idaho (yikes!).

You’ll find all these stories, and photos to go with ’em, on my Instagramand Facebook profiles. I’d love it if you’d pop in, look around, and say hi while you’re there!

And in between the pictures …
… what you may or may not see in the faces of people in them, is that it is bringing us SO MUCH JOY to share the message of possibility that we’re out here to share with people this year.

Night after night, we keep hearing people tell us, “This is exactly what I needed right now.”

I’m grateful to my bones that we get to share those moments with the open-hearted souls who bring themselves to our concerts. I can’t believe my good fortune that we have such a rich community of people with whom to create these experiences. My heart is full.

Here are some pictures from beautiful moments we’ve shared with people from the last few weeks …

Dang. Revolution is fun. ☀️

We recorded the newest episode of Misfit Stars today while driving east on I-80 through Nebraska — see the action shot of Jamie (no doubt making some really good point) below.

And you should listen to the podcast! We talk about a heart-pounding experience we had this week in a coffee shop in Gresham, Oregon, that made us confront the idea of what empathy looks like in practice. And, of course, a wrap-up of the last week of tour in Oregon & Idaho. Find it here:

Annnnd … that’s all I’ve got today. Time to go fall asleep and dream of trees, with Warren Buffet’s words on the wall in front of me.

Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Twin Cities, Chicago, and Detroit: we’ll be seeing you soon. Can’t wait.

Love and exactly what we need — shannon