CONNECTIONS, fully-funded and then some – THANK YOU!

final screen shotIt’s just after midnight, minutes after the end of our Connections fundraiser. I am sitting here, utterly blown away and grateful for the BIG HUGE way in which our community came along side us to support us in this project. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who joined us in this effort – from the smallest to the largest contributions, every single one of you helped us get here.

It’s a really wonderful thing that the project was fully funded – and then some! – but honestly, the biggest blessing for me in this is that so many of you chose to do this with us. It isn’t possible without you, and you said with your contributions, “What you’re doing matters to me,” and that just fills my heart up to overflowing. Connections LP cover.indd

What now? Well, we’re sending the album off for manufacturing this week (both CD & vinyl), our living room will soon be turned into a sweat shop where I’ll hand-make all of the tees and totes you’ve ordered, and we’ll continue to spread the word about the album in preparation for its release on June 16th.

Please continue to share with your friends and your social networks the I Know I Know video as well as, where new pictures come into the living gallery every day. I just spent some time with the gallery earlier tonight, and wow, the images and stories are a breathtaking display of courage and hope.

Thank you from an overflowing heart — shannon