Do something BRAVE with me … again

project recruitment picMany of you have seen our “I Know I Know” video, featuring over 50 courageous and beautiful souls who shared their stories of struggle, and in doing so sent a message to others that no matter what their struggle, they are not alone.

I believe the video is as powerful as it is because each of these people let us really see them. We connect with each of them because they were vulnerable with us in a way that helped us understand that they are like us. And because of their willingness to go there, they gave us strength. Hm ….. vulnerability, connection, strength ….. perhaps you see where I’m going with this ……

I have an idea for a new video for another song from my upcoming album CONNECTIONS, and I’m going to need your participation to make it happen. The song is about another topic that is hard for many of us to talk about out loud: our most sacred, most secret, most dearly-held hopes and dreams.

I’m not talking about “I wish I’d win the lottery!” or “I hope for world peace!” No, what I’m talking about here is the thing that you so deeply hope for that you may have never shared it out loud with anyone. Or when you did share it with someone, your palms got sweaty and there was a lump in your throat and you might have even wished you could have sucked the words back into your mouth after you’d spoken them.

THAT hope. THAT dream. You know the one I’m talking about.

I wonder: What if we bravely, collectively shared our hopes and dreams with one another … would we bring hope and courage to other dreamers who see them? Would we open up conversations that lead to connection among those who see them? Would we give strength to our collective hopes?

Here’s what I want us to do:

1) Think about one thing that you deeply hope for. Maybe it’s “I want to perform something on stage,” or “I want to run a marathon,” or “I want to repair my relationship with my father,” or “I want to be able to send my kid to college,” or “I want to be a mom.” Only you know what it is for you.

2) Write it down in one, short sentence on a piece of paper or a note card, and sign your first name. Write it in your normal, everyday handwriting, use dark ink, and make sure that it’s readable. Using one of the examples from above, the paper would have only these words on it:

I want to be a mom.
– Lucy

3) Fold it up, put it in an envelope with a stamp, and send it to me in the mail. Address the envelope to:

Shannon Curtis
1107 Fair Oaks Ave. #66
South Pasadena, CA

4) I will collect all of your letter submissions and incorporate them into a beautiful video that celebrates and connects us in our hopes and dreams, and hopefully gives courage to other dreamers as well.

Will you join me?

I will need for you to put your letter in the mail to me no later than Monday, May 25th, which is only 2 weeks from now. But the sooner the better – so if you decide to to be a part of this project, send me your letter as soon as you can.

Thank you for doing brave things with me. I know this is another big ask, another vulnerable task I’m asking you to join me in. But I truly believe that allowing ourselves to be seen is the first step toward the kind of connection with one another that we all long for, the kind of connection that lights up a dark world.

Love and hopes and dreams — shannon