I want YOU to be in my music video

And now…. Starring YOU…. The new Shannon Curtis video!

Ok, don’t get all hyped up: I didn’t sneak into your house and get secret footage of you for my video. That’s creepy, anyway — who would do that?! Ew. But I digress… You’ve heard my new song “Get Outta Town,” right? If you haven’t, well then check it out right over there to the right of this post. Go on! We’ll wait…… tick-tock-tick-tock…. 🙂 Ok, so we’re going to make a video for this song! And by “we” I mean YOU…. AND me. Wanna get in on it? Here’s what I need from you:

Take some video of you, you and your friends, you and your kids, you and your dog, you and your grandma driving around town, out of town, on the highway, in the country, in the mountains in your car — economy car, convertible, beefy truck, classic car, junker — I want them all! Then send me the video file and we’ll put you in the music video! Then you’ll be able to tell all your friends, “Hey, I’m in a music video!” and you’ll have the Youtube link to prove it. Sound fun? Read on for more specific instructions.

1) Don’t do anything dangerous! I don’t think they’ve made a law about making a video while driving yet, but be safe, ok? We want everyone to live through this project.

2) Take shots from a few different angles. Here are some ideas: from the passenger’s seat to the driver, from the driver or passenger’s seat out the front window or side window, from the backseat to the rearview mirror, from the backseat out the back window, from the passenger’s seat to a bunch of people crammed in the back seat. Be creative! Come up with your own shots, too.

3) Look like you’re having a good time! Sing along to the song if you can, or bounce around to music — the song is about getting out of town and forgetting about all your cares. So live it up!

4) You can take the video with a video camera if you have one, or a still-shot camera that has video capability, maybe even your cell phone — if you have a really cool cell phone. The quality only has to be good enough to go on the web, so don’t sweat it if you don’t have some hi-tech HD panoramic 3-D IMAX camera thingy, ok?

5) The files can be in just about any format — our video editor will figure out how to transfer them to the format we need. You can send physical copies like DVD or mini-DV. Or you can send AVI files, Quicktime files, .mp4 files, or other electronic files to me via YouSendIt.com. It’s free and easy to use — but once you’re there, have YouSendIt direct the files to my email address: skc@shannoncurtis.net. If you’re going to send a package with a physical copy, email me for an address to use.

6) DEADLINE: The deadline’s been extended, but I can’t wait to see your footage! Ok, now get to it!! 🙂

Whew! I’d say that was a mouthful. Thanks for reading. And as always, thanks for the support and encouragement you give me in what I do. What would I ever do without you? Listen to good music, and we’ll be hearing from each other soon!