I’m setting up a love song shop

Welcome to February! That came fast, didn’t it?

Doing a little back-of-the-napkin calculation tells me that:
since today is February 2nd,
we have 12 days between now and Valentine’s Day,
which means I am clearing my schedule,
stretching my muscles,
cracking my knuckles,
and preparing to set up a love song-making shop in our studio next week to help you deliver the best gift ever to your someone this year.

An original song,
based on your thoughts and feelings,
written by me,
all about, and for, someone you love. ❤️

If you love to give Valentines,
or if someone you love loves receiving Valentines,
and if you’re looking for a gift that will be truly special, unforgettable, and from your heart … then I’m the gal to help you out.

Send me a message today — skc@shannoncurtis.net — and we’ll talk about how to make a special song for your special someone.

(This ⬆︎ ⬆︎ ⬆︎ is my happy face from a couple weeks ago when I delivered a Personal Song to someone and heard back that they loved it so much. Seriously. So happy.)

I’m clearing my calendar for Personal Song-making starting later this week, and we’ll have room to do only a few of these projects before February 14th, so message me right away to get the info and get your spot on our schedule.