Now looking for 2019 House Concert Hosts!

We have officially begun …
our search for House Concert Hosts
(aka, the bestest people in all of the land),
for our 2019 North American House Concert Tour
(aka, the most magical community experience we’ll share all year),
… and we have just one question for you:

Can we bring the 2019 Tour to YOUR HOUSE?

What if …
… the house in this picture were *your* house,
… and the chairs were filled with *your* friends,
… and together, we were to create an unforgettable experience of music, storytelling, and connection for your community this summer?

Wouldn’t that be fun and amazing?
The answer is yes … yes, it would. And we’d like to do this with YOU.

Here’s how:
#1: Send me an email at to request info.

#2: I’ll reply with our 2019 House Concert Host Guide, which describes everything about what we’re looking for in our hosts, how we’ll organize the shows, and how we’ll pick stops for the tour.

☛  Short version of what you need to be a host:
a space to gather, 30 friends to come,
and a desire to create an open-hearted, connective
experience for your community. 

#3: If you read through the guide and decide you want to go for it, you’ll fill out a short application to give us the info we need to organize the tour.

#4: After all the applications are in, we’ll pick the dates for the tour, and you and I will start planning for an amazing evening together this summer.

There’s just one thing you need to know:

We’re accepting applications
NOW through APRIL 12th.

So, if you’re intrigued by this idea …
… first of all, go with that feeling! It’s a wonderful experience. There’s a reason that Jamie and I keep doing this year after year — this will be our 8th annual House Concert Tour! — and it’s that we’re hooked on the magic that happens when people gather to share a meaningful experience around music and storytelling together. We are ALL-IN for this. Be all-in with us.

… and second, don’t wait to ask for info and get your application in. You’ve only got a couple of weeks to get on board. Send me an email today,and I’ll get right back to you with the host guide.