NEW VIDEO: “Bending the Atmosphere”

What do you hope for in the After Time of Covid-19? 

Here it is! The video that you helped us make — about our dreams for what we want for ourselves, and for our world, in the era after this one.

All of you — and all of your hopes and imaginations — are breathtaking. We are so grateful to be inhabiting and co-creating this world with you, friends.

The song in the video — “Bending the Atmosphere” — is the first single from the new album that Jamie and I are making, “And Her Whisper Becomes a Storm,” which will be out on June 19, 2020.

“Bending the Atmosphere” is about the minutely small,
mightily powerful moment
in which we invite a dream from the realm of visions
into the realm of reality,
with the simple act … of speaking it out loud.

We’re living in an interesting time for dreams, aren’t we?

In this extraordinary time of global pandemic …
many of the norms we’ve grown used to,
many of the systems we’ve seen as immovable,
many of the ways in which we’ve organized our world and lives
… seem to be buckling under the pressure
… and in some cases have already totally disappeared.

And in that vacuum
… there is room
… for our dreams.

What kind of world do you imagine
in the After Time of all of this?

What changes in your life do you hope for
when all this is over?

What do you dream might replace
the parts of our world that we can now see
haven’t been serving us?

What is your dream in this time?

Please … share what you hope for in the comments.

And please … share our video with the people in your life in whom you want to spark imagination in this extraordinary time.

Let’s keep dreaming, friends. Love, s + j ❤️