new video – “Roaring Flame”

so the world’s on fire
but still here we are
holding open hearts to the roaring flame

I wrote this song in early 2016, but in the wake of events since last week’s election, its words have come to have a deeper, more urgent meaning for me.

burning hot and higher
this is who we are
we are open hearts; we’re a roaring flame

Now, more than ever, I realize that if we say we want to live in a world

where every life is valued,
where justice is celebrated,
where truth wins out,
where our beautiful differences fuel our strength,
where peace is available to everyone,
and where love reigns,

then WE are the ones who have to make it happen.

Taking for granted that those ideals will remain the fiber of our experience,
standing on the sidelines,
assuming that someone else is doing the work to preserve them —
that won’t work any more. It never worked.

We realize now more than ever that we must show up …
… with love
… with courage
… with unwavering commitment to each other.

In 48 hours over this past weekend, our community rallied in force to contribute their voices to this video project. Their contributions* are their commitments to specific action toward living their hearts out loud.

So, our question for you is …

What will you do?

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*We received so many beautiful submissions for this project — too many, in fact, to be able to use them all in the video. Here is a collection of the bonus images. Check out more hearts on fire:

act to protect Susan Updegraft assumptions Lizzie be safe Jim Heard's other friend - TOO BLURRY bullying Pam

litter Lizzie's son love and care Kristen Harding -- TOO DARK mental health Anita Cooper -- TOO LIGHT, REPEAT not alone Kari Norheim

spiritual health Sandi Montero - TOO HARD TO READ volunteering Tami Stoddard - repeat topicindividuality Hopebe grateful Carmen Richter 2