Trumpets and gremlins

Day 3 started off with a trumpet! Our player was Reggie Grisham — you may have seen him play in a band that made it to one of the last rounds of America’s Next Big Band (or something like that — I don’t have TV, so I’m kinda clueless). He was terrific. Charlie had him playing “low and slow” — I suppose if you’re a trumpet player you know that these kind of seemingly simple parts are the test of the true mettle of a horn player. Well, he passed the test.

Next up, I recorded some piano for “Lay Me Down.” I tell ya: playing piano for someone as accomplished on the keyboard as Charlie is was daunting. But it all worked out juuust fiiiiine. 🙂

Then we started vocals for “Lay Me Down,” and a mysterious gremlin appeared somewhere in the circuitry of the studio and gave us this annoying buzz for a while. Charlie tried to hunt down the culprit — plugging and unplugging things, changing cables, scratching his head — and then ,suddenly, without any reason whatsoever, it stopped. Confused and grateful, we soldiered on.

Tired and famished at about 7:30, we hung it up for the day and joined Charlie’s lovely wife, Andi in the kitchen for a yuuuummy day after St. Patrick’s Day dinner.

This morning a cellist arrived……… I can’t wait to tell you more about this later. It’s *beautiful.* More throughout the day on Twitter!