Nashville sessions: Day 2!

Hey, hey!

Yesterday was another amazing and fun day here at Charlie’s studio in Nashville. We worked on two songs. First, “I Like to Think.” Charlie spent a bunch of time editing. He used the tracks we got on Monday as building blocks to construct a more dynamic version of the song and then added a few more keyboard and synthesizer parts.

Then we moved on to “Why Don’t You Stay?” which — guys — is totally breaking my heart. There was a little editing to be done on this song, but mostly it seemed to be falling right into place. “Like butter!” The song was feeling so good that we went right into recording the vocal for the song, a day earlier than we had planned to start vocals. I cannot tell you how FUN it was to sing along with this heartbreaking track. This one’s nearly in the bag.

Last evening after the session was over, my new friend Jeff (who lives here in Nashville, owns EOS winery in Paso Robles, and likes to spend his spare time riding along in rescue helicopters) showed me a little of the town. Thanks, Jeff!

Today, we have a trumpet player coming to the studio. Later in the week we’ll have a cello. !!! So great. More later, and don’t forget to keep in touch all day on Twitter.

Have a great day, guys and gals!