Well, it looks like we’re making a film!

First things first: thank you SO MUCH everyone who contributed to our Creationism fundraiser. You guys really hit it out of the park. We are lifted and grateful and excited to move ahead into all the parts of the project we’re able to do now with the support you gave us.

Here are the quick stats:

in 3 weeks
165 supporters
contributed $15, 640
$640 beyond our biggest goal – wow!

And here’s what we’re making with the money raised:

  • Creationism – new album on CD
  • Creationism – white vinyl LP
  • Personal Songs Volume 2 – new album on CD
  • Creationism coloring book
  • documentary short film about our summer house concert tour

You guys, that’s a LOT of bang for your buck. Independent art is the way to get stuff done! And YOU made it possible by supporting us in this fundraising effort.

Creationism COVER art

Every time we enter into a trust fall like this, it’s a scary leap. We know the track record of our community to come around us and catch us, but it’s still a risky endeavor — in a practical as well as in an emotional way. This time was no different. We faced stare-downs with self-doubt, we battled rounds of uncertainty and fear, and we often felt the biting winds of emotional exposure.

It’s just part of the bargain: when we take risks, these are the passengers that come along for the ride. I still believe that the most important stuff we do in our lives is the stuff that requires us to face these battles; and so I’m grateful for the opportunity to have walked through this time with my partner-in-crime Jamie, and with the loving and generous community that supports what we do.

It looks like we’ve been handed off from this particular dance with risk and uncertainty to another dance partner who will be bringing us more of the same. Since you helped us reach the final goal in the fundraiser, we’re now committed to making a short documentary film about our summer house concert tour. This is something I’m really excited about, and it’s also something that terrifies me because of how unknown and daunting the process of making a film is to me.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress — and it’ll likely be a long process — but we plan to put one foot in front of the other, lean on knowledgable friends to guide us, and learn how to make a freaking movie. 🙂

Thanks for a great dance, and here’s to the next one. -shannon